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Current version: 1.1.63

Adobe AIR 2.0 application to allow HandBrake CLI to monitor watch and destination folders.

Includes the ability to define and manage custom presets.

DropFolders can be configured as a service and deployed in a server environment using Microsoft Windows Server Resource Kit SRVANY.EXE or run on the desktop as a normal application.

This software relies on HandBrake [] (INCLUDED).

I no longer support this software and have published the source to GitHub for anyone to branch who wants to continue this work.

Download Windows Version:

Download OSX Version:

The OSX version is not nearly as tested as the Windows version. Please let me know if there are any bugs... my OSX activity is at about 5 minutes a week.

Changes in 1.1.63 [September 22nd 2010]

Enhancement Requests List:

Article Links about DropFolders:

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